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Rocket Ship Homework For First Grade



     The Science of "Rocket Science" (Grades 5-7)
     Rocket Into Space: The Launch (Grades 5-7)
     Rocket to Space: The Orbit (Grades 5-7)
     Huntsville, Alabama, The Rocket City (Grades 6-8)


     Chris Van Allsburg - He Does It All
     Francis Scott Key
     Herg� and The Adventures of Tintin
     John Glenn
     Neil Armstrong
     Neil Armstrong

     Scott Carpenter

     A Frog's Eye View
     A New Anthem
     Blasted Off Twice
     Challenger Heroes
     High in the Sky
     Quick Feet
     Start Your Engine

     The Star-Spangled Banner

     Race to the Moon

     Twinkle, Twinkle

     Broad Stripes and Bright Stars � Song for a Flag
     Easter around the World
     Humor - The Power of Humor
     More Than Up and Down
     Pirate Girl (part 3 of 3)
     Preventing Fires While Fishing
     Race to the Moon!
     Seeing Stars � The Battle of Fort McHenry, Part 2
     Seeing Stars � The Battle of Fort McHenry, Part 3
     Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Part 3
     Wendy's World- A Visit to the Farm
     Wish for Fireworks

     "Dutch" Reagan
     A Cup of Old Hickory � The Battle of New Orleans III
     A Dream Job
     A Star Spangled Performance, Part 2
     Adventurous Women
     Alan Shepard - First American in Space
     An Unstable Fourth, Part 3
     Bungee Jumping
     Chinese Inventions - Compass & Gunpowder
     Could There Be Water on the Moon?
     Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner
     GIOVE Satellites Pave the Way for Galileo
     Half an Alligator � The Battle of New Orleans II
     Imagination - Thinking Outside the Box
     Jet Reaction, Part 1
     Jet Reaction, Part 2
     John Glenn
     Lonnie the Late Bloomer
     Man Imitates Birds
     Metal Birds, Part 1
     Noise Pollution Near Home
     Rainy Day Memories, Part 1
     Reaching for the Moon
     Sports Heroes Who Were Immigrants
     Stardust Mission
     The "Mosquito Fleet" - WWII PT Boats
     The Periodic Table
     The Science of Fireworks
     The South
     The Space Race
     Using Technology to Study Lightning
     Wernher Von Braun
     Yuri Gagarin - First Man in Space

     A New View of Space
     Consuming Fire � The Burning of Washington, Part 1
     Religious Tolerance and Fanaticism
     Running for Dear Life � The Battle of Bladensburg
     Shuttle to the Stars
     Space Stations
     The "Blast Off" Engineers
     The Nosy Space Ship

     Mission Implausible

     Principal Rhodes' Wild Ride

     A Haunting Moment

     Two Unique Things About Alabama

     Larry Bird � "The Hick from French Lick"

     A Message from Rover (Grade 2-3)
     A Trip to the International Space Station (Grade 4-5)
     AL is for Alabama (Grade 4-6)



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