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I’ve been around the painting business my entire life. My dad started a painting business working as a one-man crew in 1980 and grew to a couple of crews over the years. Initially, I never thought I’d work for him, so I went to college (Virginia Tech, 1999) and then pursued a Master’s degree in Health Education at the University of South Carolina (2001). Even though I had my degrees, my dad asked me to come work for him and soon, I realized that this is where I belonged. After working in the family business for a few years, I knew I needed to start my own business (since my dad had no plans of retiring!).

When I started Home Works Painting in 2005, we had two guys and a van. I was the estimator, painter, field supervisor, marketing director, office manager, and accountant. We’ve come a long way since then with three full-time estimators, a field supervisor, two office managers, and eight painting crews. The reason we’ve grown so much over the years is because we understand the importance of providing excellent service to our customers. I’ve heard too many people express their concerns about previous experiences of not getting a call back, not showing up on time (or at all), poor workmanship, or leaving a mess when the work is done. When you hire a professional painting company, you should expect them to:

  • Be on time
  • Communicate
  • Perform quality craftsmanship
  • Clean up

This is our goal for every project we perform. I know that most people can paint a room, so when you hire a professional painting contractor, you should expect excellent service. When we hire/train our staff, we make it clear that we expect exceptional professionalism with first-rate results. If we don’t meet these standards, we’re going to do everything possible to make it right with you.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Mike Katounas
Founder & President
Home Works Painting


14240 Sullyfield Cir
Ste T
Chantilly, VA20151
(703) 629-6543

Can't recommend Home Works enough. Professional painting team, lots of extras, excellent patchwork and overall amazing job on our home.

This is the 2nd time I've used Home Works Painting, and they did a great paint job on both occasions. There were major imperfections on the wall that they successfully fixed. The staff was very quick to respond to my questions. Will use them again.

If you have a major paint job, I really recommend considering Home Works Painting. We had them for an interior paint job of all hallways, living room, dining, room, TV room, kitchen, sun room, and a guest bedroom. They sent a 5 man professional crew and completed an outstanding job in 2-1/2 days. I'm not an expert, but I think the workmanship quality was great. We are very pleased with the results. We didn't have to prep anything except empty a china cabinet. We also had a consultation with a color specialist that really helped us get a nice color scheme. Excellent company.

I recently helped my daughter with a move to her new home in Loudon County and worked with Home Works Painting in that process. Much of the home interior and garage was painted by Home Works, and I was thoroughly impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. Everyone on the team -- the president, the painters, the color consultant, the scheduler -- was helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I was amazed at how careful, polite, and accommodating the entire painting crew was, and their finished job was amazing. The painters even made a gentle suggestion during the job for a slight color correction in one room, and we were so glad we took their advice! After that first job, my daughter immediately hired them again to get her old home ready for sale. Definitely recommend!

My husband and I used Homewoks this summer to repair and paint part of the front of our house. They were very responsive and kept us in the loop of any updates - very easy to work with. We were very pleased with the work they did and 10/10 would definitely use them again in the future!

Home Works Painting took my "desperately in need of a makeover " interior walls, and turned them into a Picasso. I contracted Home Works to do a interior 3 story full house paint job. I was told that it would take 5 days. The crew leader Fil, and crew...arrived at 0730 as promised each and every day, staying until 7:30 pm. Fil and his crew were focused, professional, and meticulous. They took care to carefully move items I either could not move, or forgot to move. The crew was there to do a job, and what a beautiful job they did. Each time they moved furniture, they placed it back where it belonged afterwards. Each evening, they cleaned up, and the only indication they were there was the smell of drying paint, and neatly placed work items on a tarp. On the final day of the job, my crew leader was Hymie. Fil goes to church on Saturday's, so Hymie took his place that day. I was equally impressed with Hymie! The crew leaders gave opinions on specifics when asked about gloss or flat paint in certain rooms, and their expert opinions were well appreciated. This was a huge job, so I had 5 or 6 guys in and out for 12 hour days, an entire week; while babysitting a 130 pound dog who desperately wanted to have painters for lunch! These young men were respectable, and I felt completely comfortable the entire time they were here. No question was a bother for them. If I noticed something I wasn't satisfied with, they addressed it immediately. This project was one I truly was not looking forward to having done, but it turned into a pleasant experience. I would recommend this crew to anyone who is searching for a courteous, hardworking, respectful, no nonsense crew! And...you won't go broke having your home painted either! Great job guys! My house looks amazing! Thank you.

Thank you JR, Mike, Alberto, Tiffany & everyone at Home Works for doing such a wonderful job fixing our home!! You all did such a great job repairing the drywall and painting that there is no evidence we ever had a pipe burst. Your crew is very friendly, professional, & courteous. They kept an eye out to make sure the cat didn't get outside~ which was crucial!! They worked fast but still paid attention to detail and cleaned up after themselves. And they finished in one day...just like they promised! Honestly, I could go on and on with praises. The fact is Home Works is a top quality business with top quality people and I would and will recommend them to all my family and friends. THANK YOU!!

I chose Home Works Painting based on their inclusion/rating in the Fairfax Country Best Pick Reports. My high expectations were quickly crushed. Crew showed up and didn't know what the work scope entailed - in spite of the fact that I had a walk through with the supposed crew chief the week before (who I learned left the company shortly after my walk through). A major language barrier further complicated the situation. The nightmare continued with mis-matched paint colors, sloppy painting (wall paint on trim paint and vv). Wall to ceiling clean lines were a problem - even after having a crew come back to correct They were price competitive, but I would not recommend them. Pay a few bucks more and get quality work. I regret not accepting the more expensive estimate from someone I had worked with before who does quality work.

I had a relatively small job (stairwell with high ceilings and kitchen) but will gladly return to this company for future business. They were attentive and professional in the contract, and had two good workers that did the job. The telling point was that halfway through the job, with one of two coats laid down, I saw that we had a misunderstanding as we did the contract. I asked them to stop and contacted the company rep I did the contract with. We worked it out without a problem, and the workers did an excellent job. They actually did a little more than was necessary to make sure they left a happy customer on a little job. I was very impressed and recommend them without hesitation.

I contracted this company to patch and paint my entire 3rd floor ceiling and the walls and trim in the master bedroom. The job took two days and at the end I felt about 95 percent satisfied with the work although no team leaders or Supervisors came to inspect the completed work. After two days one of the areas patched began to show a crack in the plaster. I called to report it and they sent a crew out the following week, at my convenience, to fix it. Regrettably I only inspected the patch job and didn't pay attention to the surrounding areas. Once they left, I went upstairs and found a layer of plaster dust all over the master bedroom (bed, dressers, computer, etc.) as well as plaster splatters in places along the wall. They had not bothered to close any of the bedroom doors to contain the dust to the work area. I was boiling mad and immediately called the Supervisor, Marlon. They offered to send out the crew immediately to do clean up but I was too angry to even let them back in the house. Marlon was kind enough to offer me monetary compensation for the clean-up I was about to embark on. I really wanted to be able to write a favorable review and have the company put on our HOA list, but I just can't do that now. My favorable rating now hovers around 50 percent. Would I use them again or recommend them to someone else? Unfortunately, no. But I'm still boiling mad at the moment. If I change my mind, I'll come back to this review and state as such.

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