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Personal Narrative Writing Prompt -- 100 POINTSEnglish 1 Unit 1Assignment:

In an essay, I want you to tell me about a family tradition you have. Think about the holidays (Thanksgiving,Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, Fourth of July, birthdays, etc.). Does your family do the same thing every year? Doyou always go to someone’s house? Eat your Aunt’s famous potato casserole? Open presents in a certain order?Go bowling or out to the movies after eating a huge dinner?In your essay, I want you to walk me through this tradition from the start to the end. Tell it to me like you woulda story. BE DESCRIPTIVE! As a read it, I should be able to clearly picture everything in my mind. Make sureyou cover the five senses:1.


(what does everything look like?)2.


(what does it sound like? Laughter? What kind of music?)3.


(if there is food, make sure you tell me what it all smells like; make me hungry as I readit!)4.


(what does the food taste like? My mouth should be watering when I’m done reading it)5.


(feel of the wrapping paper in your hands; holding your children; sitting by a fire, etc.)

What I’m looking for in your narrative:

At least three paragraphs

Vivid language


STRONG VOCABULARY (verbs, nouns, etc.)


Figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification, etc.)


Sensory details (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste)


You should be “painting a picture” of the scene with your descriptions

Description of family tradition


Discuss three “events” that take place during this tradition


Told like you are telling me a story (beginning, middle, end, characters, setting, etc.)

Format Requirements (See Example):

MLA Style Heading


Your last name and page number in the upper right corner of the header 

Go to “Insert”



Page Number 

Top of Page

Plain Number 3

Type your last name and hit space once

My Family Tradition Essays

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My Family Tradition

While preparing for this paper, I thought very hard about any specific traditions that my family has or has had in the past. Although thinking and brainstorming for a long time I could not come up with one tradition that my family has. I think that the main reason for that is because, almost everyone in my family has gone through a divorce. Ending a marriage seems to be very popular in our society today, one statistic states that, “50% of first marriages end in divorce.” However common divorce may be the pain and heartbreak seems meaningless, until it happens to you. The reason why I can’t think of any family traditions is because all of my family traditions have been ripped apart because of two people’s ill…show more content…

Fortunately for my grandparents, each one of their children grew up without hesitating to love another person.

The eldest of the three children is my Aunt Sue. She and my Uncle were married in 1969 and had two daughters, Marci and Mica. My Aunt and Uncle are the only fortunate ones to still be in their first marriage. However, their daughter Marci did not follow in her parents’ footsteps. She thought she found her soul mate and was married in 1999. Less than a year later, they were divorced. Luckily for her, she remarried in 2001 and is still happily married. My Uncle Les, the youngest child, and his wife, Lisa, were married for four years when they decided to call it quits. They also had two children, Kelan and Ashton. However, unimaginable they remarried 8 years later and surprisingly, everything seemed to be perfect. Some said that they were an example of true love. However, they were wrong a little over a year later, they filed for divorce, again.

My dysfunctional family never really seemed to bother me until it hit home, very close to home. Lets start with where it all began. My mother and father met in 1975 and were married in 1977. Like most, the two were madly in love and wanted to start a family. Five years later, in 1982, they had their first child, me and my sister Katie was born three years later, in 1985. When I first started to think about family traditions, I talked to my mother who I

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