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Teamwork Case Study With Answers

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Case Study on Teamwork Problem

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Case Study Summary
Mike Garcia and Jill Hendrickson have been butting heads for months at work. Mike is a manufacturing manager at Auto Safety Products, which is a firm in the Midwest that designs and produces automobile seat belts and infant and child safety seats. Jill is a design engineer for the same firm. Top management at their work instituted concurrent engineering, a team-based system that integrates manufacturing and design processes. Concurrent engineering is intended to eliminate the problems that often occur in industry when designers are unaware of the needs of manufacturing. Through concurrent engineering, management hoped to improve attention to all elements of the product life cycle and manufacture a quality,…show more content…

Also Mike would like to go back to doing things the old way. However, if he is forced to continue with the concurrent engineering system, he refuses to give in to every one of Jill’s ideas.
Case Analysis Questions
1a. What kind of predispositions are Mike and Jill taking into this conflict situation? Mike believes that engineers are “uppity” and unwilling to listen to the problems dealing with manufacturing. As a female engineer Jill feels as though she needs to be effective in the male-dominated world of engineering
1b. How might these predispositions influence the way the frame the conflict and the way they approach each other? These predispositions are definitely negatively influencing the way Mike and Jill approach each other. Obviously they are going to automatically approach each other negatively because of their opinions.
2a. If Mike and Jill were to attempt to deal with this conflict on their own, what conflict style would you recommend? If Mike and Jill were to attempt to deal with this conflict on their own I would recommend that they use the compromising conflict style. Compromising will allow you to achieve both of your goals, resulting in a “win-win” situation instead of a “win-lose” situation.
2b. Given what you know about Jill and Mike, do you think they would use an effective conflict resolution style? No, because when the problem first arose

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