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Homework From Home

Parents (n = 709) were surveyed about involvement in their child's homework. A factor analysis revealed three dimensions of homework involvement similar to those found in more general studies of parenting style. These dimensions are autonomy support, direct involvement, and elimination of distractions. A fourth dimension, parental interference, differentiated itself from autonomy support for students in higher grades. Two-thirds of parents reported some negative or inappropriate form of involvement. Parenting style for homework was then related to student and family characteristics and student schooling outcomes. Results indicated parents with students in higher grade levels reported giving students more homework autonomy and less involvement of all other types. Parents in poorer families reported less support for autonomy and more interference. Parents reported less elimination of distractions when an adult was not at home after school and, for elementary school students, when there were more than one child living in the home. Elementary school parents of males reported more direct involvement in homework, while high school parents of females reported more direct involvement. More parental support for autonomy was associated with higher standardized test scores, higher class grades, and more homework completed. More positive parent involvement was associated with lower test scores and lower class grades, especially for elementary school students. Student attitudes toward homework were unrelated to parenting style for homework. Stage–environment fit theory and conceptions of families as varying in resources to support children are used to explain the findings and draw implications for parent behavior and educational practice.

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them the types of people we work for.

They think of students who can’t handle college or aren’t smart enough to pass themselves.

But they are totally wrong.

In fact, they have it backward. We help the most successful students.

We work with PhDs, lawyers, CPAs, career-driven professionals getting their MBAs, and almost any other high-achiever you can think of.

I started this company because I knew there are people who are smart enough to know what they should do and what they should have others do.

Sometimes that means focusing on classes in their major. Sometimes it means working a second job, putting in overtime, or spending more time with family and friends. And sometimes it’s just to get a break from a busy schedule.

And when you are ready to jump-start your success, you work with us.

Why us? We’ve been in this business for 9 years and have a history of helping people just like you.

But there’s a catch.

We don’t have the cheapest prices.
We don’t work for everyone.
We don’t cut corners.

That’s why we guarantee you an A or B or your money back. That’s why we’ve been in business so long. And that’s why our clients keep coming back.

So when you’re ready to achieve your goals, give yourself more time, and succeed in college, we’ll be here ready for you.

Jessica Mott

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