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Coast Guard Military Assignments And Authorized Absences Manual

R 06 FEB 18

ALCGPSC 019/18
A. COMDT COGARD Washington DC 12 DEC 17/ALCGENL 179/17
B. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A (series)
C. Coast Guard Weight and Body Fat Standards Program Manual, COMDTINST M1020.8 (series)
1.  In accordance with references A and B, the EMITP Panel convened 23 January 2018.
The following members are selected for:
a.  CPO Marine Inspector Apprentice Deck Primary:                
Name:                                                 Unit:
BMC William K. Glenzer                                CGC HEALY
b.  CPO Marine Inspector Apprentice Deck Alternate (Order of selection):
Name: Unit:
MSTC Samuel W. Kerger                                 CG SECTOR San Francisco
BMC Alan M. Dooley                                    CG PRFTC
c.  PO1 Marine Inspector Apprentice Deck Primary (Listed alphabetically):
Name: Unit:
MST1 Joshua P. Greer                                  CG SECTOR New Orleans
MST1 Matthew H. Massey                                CG SECTOR ST New England
BM1 Jonathan D. Richdale                              CG STA Portland
d.  PO1 Marine Inspector Apprentice Deck Alternate (Order of selection):
Name: Unit
MST1 Jennifer L. Haggins                              CG MSU Pittsburgh
MST1 Dale R. Harrison                                 CG SECTOR Jacksonville
MST1 Gaylord T. Basa                                  CG SECTOR Puget Sound
MST1 Justin E. Hoffer                                 COMDT (CG-MER-1)
MST1 Christopher A. Williams                          CG SECTOR Miami
MST1 Tariq A. Hill                                    CG SECTOR Hampton Roads                              
e.  CPO Marine Inspector Apprentice Engineering Primary:
Name: Unit:
MKC John T. Landry                                    DDE-HMS ALBION (L14)
f.  CPO Marine Inspector Apprentice Engineering Alternate (Order of selection):
Name: Unit:
EMC Ryan J. Graham                                    CGC VALIANT
EMC Joseph I. Quitugua                                CG SECTOR Jacksonville
g.  PO1 Marine Inspector Apprentice Engineering Primary (Listed alphabetically):
Name: Unit:
DC1 Cameron W. Copelin                                CG PST
EM1 Anthony J. Haertel                                CGC JOSHUA APPLEBY                    
MK1 Michael E. Johnson                                CGC WAESCHE
EM1 Nolan R. Justice                                  CGC CHARLES SEXTON
MK1 Joshua J. Yanez                                   CG STA Sabine
 h.  PO1 Marine Inspector Apprentice Engineering Alternate (Order of selection):
Name: Unit:
MK1 Michael W. Johnson, Jr.                           CGC HENRY BLAKE      
EM1 Samuel F. Couzins                                 CGC RICHARD DIXON
MK1 Carsten Stoeckler                                 CG STA Rockland
MK1 Brandon M. Triepke                                CGC DEPENDABLE
MK1 Justin E. Schmidt                                 CG STA ST Ignace
EM1 Adron K. Diggs                                    CGC TAMPA 
EM1 Jeremy J. Harrell                                 CGC EAGLE
MK1 Zachary R. Neubauer                               CGC WEDGE
MK1 Michael K. Madden                                 CG STA Boothbay Harbor
MK1 Christopher L. Coleman                            CG TRACEN Cape May
2.  Initial creation of this pilot program identified 10 initial positions. The panel was
instructed to restrict the applicant pool using tour completion as a criterion if sufficient
applications were received. The number of applicants for EMITP was 482 demonstrating an
overwhelming positive interest in the program. Subsequently, the panel only considered E-6
applicants rotating in AY18 and E-7 applicants rotating in AY18 and AY19. The program manager is
committed to increasing the number of positions and expanding this program in future assignment years.
Applicants not reviewed are strongly encouraged to watch for future program opportunities and to
apply again. See the POC information below to solicit information on how to maximize competitiveness
on future program applications.
3.  Members are reminded that in order to remain eligible for this advanced training opportunity
they must be in compliance with Ref C prior to and during the entire period of the training. 
4.  The actual date of assignment to the training program will be coordinated between the member
and the special assignments officer during the AY18 assignment season.  CWO4 Donald A. Wiley will
contact primary selectees with direction regarding the assignment process and timeline.
5.  POC information:
     a. Questions regarding EMITP Panel process shall be directed to EPM-1 at
     b. Questions regarding EMITP shall be directed to CWO4 Gary L. Strebe via e-mail at
        Gary.L.Strebe(at)uscg.mil or (202) 372-1241.
     c. General special assignment questions shall be directed to CWO4 Donald A. Wiley
        via e-mail at Donald.A.Wiley(at)uscg.mil or (202) 795-6587.
6.  Panel membership and unit:
Name:                               Unit:
CDR Charles J. Bright (President)   CG SECTOR Maryland NCR
CDR Eddie Lesane                    COMDT (CG-7412)
LT Amanda Styles                    CG PSC-EPM-2
CWO4 Rodolfo Dubon                  MSU Lake Charles
CWO3 Hailie Browne                  CG PSC-OPM-2
CWO3 Shad Hudgins                   CG SECTOR Miami
Mr. Brian Fisher                    CG SECTOR New York
7.  CAPT M. W. Sibley, Acting CG Personnel Service Center, sends.
8.  Internet release authorized.

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