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SHOW NOTES 3/13/18

2p Hour

OK, who got snowed on today? We didn’t even know this was coming, but in the city we got some big flakes that didn’t stick. Marie from Hillside told us she was driving in near white-out conditions and we were in shock! More shocking – Marie’s boss was in Des Plaines and reported 3 inches of snow on his car! The sun is shining for us right now, which just goes to show you can have all 4 seasons at the same time depending on where you are in the Chicagoland area. Madness!

Then we got a call from Mark who is driving eastbound on i-80 near Halsted and he says it’s white-out conditions over there as well – like a wicked winter storm. Did anyone know this was coming? And now we have Rich calling from Villa Park saying there is steam coming off the pavement. A little bit of everything going on today!

3p Hour

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question focuses on surgery. Requests for this medical procedure go up 50% in March. What is it?
Clues: ‘men’ and ‘snip’
Answer: Vasectomies
Congrats to
If you want more NCAA facts, check some out here!

4p Hour

Pre-show soundcheck with Niall Horan? Yes please! Today’s lucky texter will win a pair of tickets to see Niall on July 26th at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater AND will qualify for the special access pre-show as well. Congrats to Nora! She’s going to the show!

Chicago has been named the best city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the country! Well duh, but lets get specific as to why – the survey was based on cost, tradition, safety, accessibility and weather. Now, just remember to do it safely and peacefully, ok?

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in California when a man tried to steal a gumball machine from an animal shelter, but he failed miserably. The man cracked a window, tried to take the machine out through that hole, cracked the glass bubble, gumballs everywhere…the mental picture is strong! But an actual video is better, and we have that! If you missed the report, catch it at 6:20!

5p Hour

On Today’s Episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, Jen and Katie went head-to-head and Jen came up with a 5-3 win. Her record is now 65-6

1. Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘On the Run II’ tour is coming to Soldier Field on August 10th. Soldier Field is home to what NFL team?

2. CNBC is bringing back ‘Deal or No Deal’ later this year with Howie Mandel hosting. What color are the ‘Deal or No Deal’ suitcases?

3. Slash has been granted a restraining order against a guy who tried to con his way into his house last month. Slash played on ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ with what band?

4. Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth are developing a show based loosely on their Beverly Hills 90210 characters. What was the name of the hangout on Beverly Hills 90210?

5. Julianne Hough had a crush on Daniel Radcliffe and sent him a love note while she was an extra in Harry Potter. Today Juliana is engaged to Brooks Laich. Brooks Laich is a professional athlete in what sport?

THE NHL – (Currently a free agent)


We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

Did you see the story about the woman who spent $19,000 on a kidney transplant for her 17 year-old cat and she says she’d do it all over again. She also ended up adopting the 2 year-old donor cat! Jen once spent $1,500 to save a $35 shelter cat two weeks after adoptions! Koz spent $3,500 on his cat who had a bad infection. The common theme for all of us? We would all do it all whover again to have more time with our furry family members. We wanted to know – how much did you spend to save your pet’s life?

Karen spent $1,500 for eye surgery on her dog Max and she would do it all over again too!

Elizabeth spent a total of $10,000 on her dog Walsh after he had a bad reaction to a medication! He’s fine now, but she would do it all again if she had to!

6p Hour

Did you see the video of the girl singing on the CTA train thinking she was all alone? It turned out she wasn’t alone and the whole thing is hilarious! If you haven’t seen it, check it out here and then let us tell you – this woman is phenomenal! We all need more laughter and joy and to take ourselves a little less seriously, right? We got her on the phone and talked about her experience with going viral and how crazy things have gotten for her in the last 24 hours. Turns out she does improv at IO Chicago and that explains her performance skills! We even got her to sing a little jingle for the show! So much fun talking to her!

Thanks for listening today! We will be back tomorrow starting at 2pm!

– KOZ and Jen

SHOW NOTES 3/12/18

2p Hour

WHOA! Did you hear what we are giving away? A chance to Mixperience Niall Horan with special access to a pre-show sound check when he comes to town this summer for a Mix concert event. Just for playing, you’ll get a pair of tickets to the July 26th show at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Listen at 7:20, 11:20 and 4:20 all this week!

Last week Koz agreed to watch American Idol for show purposes, but Jen ended up checking it out too. Koz hated it, and Jen thought she would hate watch and ended up enjoying some of it! Not sure we will be making a regular habit of watching it, but there is some hope in the new judging panel that makes us feel like we’re not totally turned off to the idea. But thanks to Koz, whenever we hear Luke Bryant talk we will also hear Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! WOW! It’s the same voice!

3p Hour

We can have nice things! The South Side Irish Parade took place this past weekend and there were no arrests on the parade route this year! This marks the 7th consecutive parade in which no arrests were reported. Seems that “no alcohol on the parade route” rule might be the difference maker. Now this weekend we will see the river go green and we hope we can keep the momentum going on St. Patrick’s Day proper!

It’s time to waste time! Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is all about testing our patience. The average person says they can only stand waiting 4 minutes for this. What is it?
Your clues are: ‘beverage’ and ‘caffeine’
Answer: coffee
Congrats to Jennifer in Tinley Park! She was the first person to get it right today! We will waste more time tomorrow starting at 3:20!

4p Hour

We talked about the Niall Horan concert earlier this afternoon, and now it’s time to give someone a pair of tickets and a chanced to get into the pre-show sound check! Congrats to 815 texter!

Not only is the river going green this weekend, but so is Garrett Popcorn! Friday and Saturday only, you can get bright green Irish Kettlecorn lightly glazed in emerrald green with their signature salt and a bit of pure can sugar. Is your mouth watering yet?

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Miami – going to Florida early this week! It happened in a nightclub when a woman rode onto the dance floor on a horse while wearing nothing but her undergarments. The poor horse got spooked and the rider fell off and the horse got out. Miami police are NOT happy and shut down the club indefinitely. The club is now under investigation for possible animal cruelty and public safety issues. If you missed the report you can catch it at 6:20 every night!

5p Hour

On today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz Jen faced off with Wendy from Ringwood. The match ended in a 5-3 win for Jen, sending her record to 64-6. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. FOX aired OJ Simpson’s lost confession last night in which he “hypothetically” confessed to killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. What sport did OJ play professionally?

2. Tim McGraw collapse on stage in Ireland last night due to dehydration. Who is Tim McGraw’s wife?

3. ‘American Idol’ returned to TV last night on ABC with Ryan Seacrest still hosting. Who co-hosted with Ryan during the original season of ‘American Idol’ on FOX?

4. A NYC jeweler has immortalized Larry David in a $150K diamond encrusted gold chain. Larry David stars in what HBO comedy

5. ‘Black Panther’ has now made $1 billion since its release.Black Panther is the king of what fictional country?



Your next chance to beat Jen will happen tomorrow at 5:20!

Over the weekend there was some drama at the Koz household over a video game. We’ve all been there as parents – kids want xyz, parents say no, kids say everyone else is doing it, repeat. It’s exhausting and often results in the eating of feelings, in this case 12 full size Reese’s peanut butter cups straight into Koz’s stomach. We decided to start the ‘Koz and Jen enabler zone’, where you tell us what went sideways today and we give you permission to cope with food – along with some suggestions for what to eat!

Franco is struggling with the big 4-0 which of course calls for a cake, but a next level cake. We recommended a Portillo’s chocolate cake with a chocolate cake shake to hold him over for the ride home.

Kate drove 3 hours each way to a meeting, and the other person forgot to show up! She’s still sitting in traffic trying to get back so we have a fast food emergency on our hands. We recommended a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts, but she felt she needed more. We tossed in a salty option so it’s a Quarter Pounder with cheese we recommend as well. She’s ready for it!

6p Hour

We’re #99! At least according to the website Niche, which ranked the best cities to live in the US. Ann Arbor, Michigan was the big winner, but we rank pretty high in a few other categories:

Illinois is the 5th drunkest state in the county.
• Adults drinking excessively: 21.2%
• Alcohol-related driving deaths: 34.2% (15th highest)
• Adults in fair or poor health: 15.6% (25th highest)
• Drunkest metro area: Bloomington, IL

Jake Arrieta signed with the Phillies, and he will make his first trip back to Wrigley when the Cubs take them on June 5-7. It will be so strange to see him in a different uniform and we want him to do well, but not that well! Opening day for the Cubs will be March 29th against Miami. It’s almost time!

Thanks for listening today! We will be back tomorrow starting at 2pm!

– KOZ and Jen


2p Hour

Gotta love awkward elevator encounters, like the one Koz had today where he rode down with a women who said “hey babe”. His head swiveled to realize she was on a blue tooth headset – presumably with her significant other. Cue uncomfortable eye contact and a 26-floor ride and you have the makings of a perfect “TGIF” moment.

It’s pothole season! The number actually look pretty good, with about 108,000 filled so far this year. That’s down from about 126,000 during this time in 2017. If you know someone who feels like a bit of a bump in your road, you can name a pothole after them! For about 8 bucks they will receive a certificate of registry perfect for framing. Not a bad deal (and a pretty good prank).

3p Hour

The South Side Irish Parade is this weekend! To make sure every one has fun and stays safe, here’s a survival guide to help you out! No drinking allowed, so since you’re in Beverly already might we suggest a trip to Rainbow Cone? I mean, there IS green in it so it fits the theme!

It’s time to waste some time! Today’s Kill a Half Hour! 40% of us go to the same place every time we do this. What do you think it is?
Your clues are: ‘chair’ and ‘scissors’
Answer: get a hair cut
Congrats to Cannon for being the first person to get the right answer today! We will waste time again on Monday starting at 3:20.

4p Hour

One last round of the Mix Birthday Game for the week! The 4:20 birthday we called out was no joke – April 1st! Steve was our caller 25 and now the proud owner of $1,000! Congrats to Steve!

It’s Florida Friday! Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in North Lauderdale when a man walked into a 7-11 and started stuffing all kinds of merchandise down his pants! We’re talking car cleaning supplies, wireless speakers, VR goggles and more! THat’s quite a lot to fit in one pair of pants. Authorities have not been able to find the guy yet and are asking people with information to come forward. If you missed it, you can catch the story at 6:20.

5p Hour

On today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, Jen and Susan went head-to-head and the match ended in a 5-4 win for Jen. Her record is now 63-6! Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Mark Hamill who plays Luke Skywalker finally got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. Who is Luke’s sister in ‘Star Wars’?

2. Sterling K. Brown Is hosting SNL tomorrow night. Sterling currently plays Randall Pearson on what other NBC show?

3. Reese Witherspoon finally met her new BFF Adam Rippon on the Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Adam Ripon won a bronze medal in what winter Olympic sport?

4.Vanessa Williams has joined the cast of the new ABC comedic soap ‘False Profits’. What ABC comedy did Vanessa Williams play magazine diva Wilhelmina Slater?

5. Raul Esparza is returning to NBC in a new drama, ‘Suspicion’ just a month after he left Law & Order: SVU. What does SVU stand for?



Your next chance to beat Jen will happen Monday at 5:20!

Do you have someone in your family that says things sometime that make you say “Stop. You’re bringing shame to the family”? Over the weekend, Jen’s tragically un-hip (but gottta love him for trying) husband tried to use the phrase “Bye Felicia” but it came out “See ya Felicia”. No. Just stop. Koz shames his family every time he goes bowling because he brings his own ball – and wrist glove dubbed “the claw”. Not cool looking at all. So who or what embarrasses you or members of your family? Kathy from Elgin told us about the time she used ‘Netflix and chill’ in front of her niece who informed Kathy it doesn’t mean what she thinks it means! Oops! Kira’s boyfriend embarrasses her in public by pretending he doesn’t know her! She forgets he does it, so she sometimes gets confused and it really messes her up. Now she does it back, so he’s backed off a bit. Payback!

6p Hour

We’ve all done it – hand your kid the phone to keep them calm or quiet. It’s just necessary sometimes, but make sure you unlock it first. A woman in China gave her 2 year-old her phone to watch educational videos, and the toddler put in the incorrect password so many times it was locked for 48 years! The tech at the Apple store said she had 2 options: do a factory reset and lose all files not backed up, or wait the 47 years until she can try again. Those are not good options!

American Idol starts again on Sunday. Koz plans to take one for the team and check it out. Ryan Seacrest has been dealing with allegations of in appropriate behavior by a former stylist, and in an effort to calm things down the network tried to re-edit episodes to include more of the judges and less Seacrest – but they didn’t have enough footage. We will see how things shake out later this weekend.

Thanks for listening today! We will be back on Monday starting at 2!

– KOZ and Jen


2p Hour

Are you getting excited about filling out your brackets? Selection Sunday happens this weekend, so it’s time to get serious. Once you’re done with your bracket and you’re wondering where to watch all the games, Red Eye has you covered! They did all the work, laying out which spot will be showing which teams!

3p Hour

Today’s Kill a Half Hour focuses on adulting. 25% of people say they do this before they buy a house. What is it? Your clues are: ‘investigate’ and ‘next door’
Answer: visit the neighbors
Congrats to Nikki from Kankakee for being the first person to get it right! We will waste some more tomorrow starting at 3:20!

4p Hour

Oprah loves to make people’s days. She’s made headlines for that many times in the past, and now we have another one! She was staying at a hotel and decided to leave money all over the room as a tip for the housekeeping staff! Imagine going in to clean and BOOM cash everywhere: in the shower, under the desk, on the counter…everywhere! We just hope one day we meet Oprah and pick up some of that generosity!

Wow! The 4:20 Mix Birthday Game date is just 6 days away! We called out March 14th and Neven was caller 25 and plans to have a REALLY nice dinner for his birthday this year! Congratulations! Your next chance at $1,000 comes tomorrow morning at 7:20 with Eric in the Morning with Melissa and Whip.

Remember earlier this week when Jen told us about the basil she found in her spice cabinet from 2006? Well this family can beat that! A family from Colorado bought a box of granola from a Walmart earlier this week and didn’t notice it had a “best by” date of February 22nd, 1997! The husband ate a whole bowl even though it tasted a little funny, while his wife tried two bites and called it quits. A Walmart spokesperson says they are looking into how the box got on the shelf.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report involves yet another person trying to take care of bugs with fire. A man in Australia used bug spray as a flamethrower to kill cockroaches and ended up blowing up his kitchen. According to authorities, he lit a can and a half of insect spray and when it exploded, it blew out the windows and walls. He suffered cuts and was taken to the hospital. The house is now unlivable, though we might argue because of the roaches. You can catch the story again at 6:20!

5p Hour

Tough week for Jen on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz. She lost for the second time in 4 days, this time 5-4 against Sheryl from Schererville, IN. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Serena Williams is thinking about having another baby. She says she definitely wants two kids with her husband Alexis. What sport does Serena play?

2. Anchorman 3 might be happening. If it does, there’s a chance Ron Burgundy could be sent to war in Iraq. Who plays Ron Burgundy?

3. Today is Woman’s Day and Mattel has introduced Barbie dolls based on famous women in history. One of them being Amelia Earhart. What was Amelia Earhart’s career?

4. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is coming to theaters next year and shooting will begin in July. Sonic the Hedgehog is a character for what video gaming system?

5. Matt Lauer just slashed the asking price of his Hamptons estate by $2 million in an attempt to unload it. The Hamptons are located in what state?



Can she lose 2 in a row? Anything seems possible this week! Your chance to be the one to do it happens tomorrow at 5:20!

So Koz has a bit of a problem. He likes to take safety pamphlets off of the airplane when he flies. He has a huge collection of them, including one he asked Jen to grab for him. An accomplice! Jen’s grandma used to take salt and pepper shakers from room service trays left in the hallway. Embarrassing. Tony took some plates from the U of I dining hall and still uses them to this day! Then Racine called and told us about taking room numbers off of hotel rooms as part of a running gag with her cousins. Jason and his friends played ultimate Frisbee and for some reason took to taking wet floor signs, trying to equate them with taking shampoo!

6p Hour

We had to take one last call on the subject, because Candice had a great one! She wanted to take a bowl from a cruise ship that her husband took up the Greek aisles. Well, her husband told her “if you take something, everyone will take and there will be nothing left for anyone else.” Now her bowl sits at the bottom of the ocean, because 2 days later it sunk! Go with your gut!


2p Hour

We talked to Bachelor fan Dan who works in Bedford Park yesterday because we needed insight as to what the heck happened with Arie/Becca/Lauren (because we don’t watch) and after our talk we knew we had to talk to him again after part 2! Jen suffered through some of it, but of course Dan saw the whole thing. We got right down to it, because Dan doesn’t mince words. He said Becca can’t be too heartbroken if she’s ready to go through it all again as the Bachelorette, Lauren’s parents should not be ok with the fact that he passed over her only to propose last night, and he might consider letting his own daughter do the show in a few years. Dan will be our official Bachelor franchise correspondent, so get ready for Bachelor in Paradise!

3p Hour

We know the Blackhawks won’t be making it to the playoffs this season, but we have plenty to celebrate with this team! The 2018 NHLPA player poll voted the Blackhawks fans best in the league! The United Center was voted best rink to play behind Montreal, and coach Q is the coach the most players wanted to play for. Can’t argue with any of that! There’s always next season, right?

Today’s Kill a Half Hour focused on teens. Close to 40% of teenagers ignore their parents when they’re asked to do this. What is it? Your clues are: ‘request’ and ‘Facebook’
Answer: A Facebook friend request
Congrats to Simona! She got the answer right today. We will waste some more time tomorrow at 3:20!

4p Hour

Several years ago, rapper Common was asked by his grandmother to call up the son of one of her friends. That son wanted to ask some questions about the art of rapping, so Common honored his grandma’s request. He ended up leaving a voicemail for the kid and 10 years later, Common found out that kid was Chance the Rapper! It’s amazing how fate works, isn’t it?

It’s a patriotic date for the 4:20 Mix Birthday Game – July 4th! Lucky for Dennis from Dyer he was caller 25! He now has $1,000 in firework money! And he lives in Indiana so he said he can fire them off whenever he wants! Congrats, Dennis! Your next chance to win is tomorrow morning at 7:20 with Eric in the Morning.

This weekend we kick our clocks ahead one hour for daylight saving, and it’s a good reminder to also change the battery on smoke detectors in your house. Koz got that reality check this weekend when a house right behind his had a terrible fire. The cause is unknown still and we certainly aren’t discussing anything like that, but Koz and his wife ran out to get new smoke detectors as well as a ladder for upstairs. It’s always good to take the extra time to add safety to your house and for your family – better to have it and not need it.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened right here in Illinois! It happened when a Peoria man tried to ram a stolen vehicle through an airport terminal because he was worried about the zombie apocalypse. It should come as know surprise that prosecutors say he was high on drugs at the time, and now he’s facing up to 30 years in prison. If you missed the report, listen at 6:20!

5p Hour

On today’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, Jen was able to get all 5 questions right and Jim got 4, so that 5-4 win pushed Jen’s record up to 62-5! Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. The trailer for Disney’s ‘Christopher Robin’ starring Ewan McGregor has been released. What’s the name of Christopher Robin’s bear?

2. Nickelodeon has announced they’re binging back ‘Blue’s Clues’ and that production will start this summer. What kind of an animal is Blue?

3. The Bobby Brown Story is coming to BET this fall as a follow-up to last year’s New Edition Story. What recording artist was Bobby Brown married to from 1992-2007?

4. NBC has demoted ‘Sunday Night with Megan Kelly’ and will now air it periodically instead of weekly. What news channel did Megan Kelly leave before joining NBC?

5. Becca Kufrin (who was ditched by bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr) will be the next Bachelorette. What state is Becca from?



We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

Perks are always good, especially when they happen at work! The CEO of Target told employees that if 2017 sales topped the year before, they could ditch the khakis and switch to jeans on weekends – and they did it! We get to wear jeans on Friday around here if we donate $5 to the office chosen charity. Not a bad deal – and we’re doing some good! We wanted to know about your work perks. Stephanie gets her gym membership reimbursed if she goes 4 or more times a month! Melissa works for an wedding album binding company (high end stuff!) and gets a beautiful album every year to chronicle the life of her family.

6p Hour

The Bulls are not following the rules! At least that’s the impression they are giving by resting healthy players. The NBA has told the team to stop since it gives the impression they are tanking it on purpose for the draft. Jen’s husband has been rooting for this strategy for weeks, but the NBA draft is a lottery so you have to tank the season AND get really lucky. You should expect to see Robin Lopez and Justin Holiday play in tonight’s game.

Alexa is creeping people out! Some users of Amazon’s voice assistant are reporting random and unprompted laugh coming from the speaker. Amazon is aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Jen has one and REALLY hopes this doesn’t happen at her house!

Thank you so much for listening! We will be back tomorrow starting at 2!

– KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

Chicago weather continues to be very….Chicago. 5 minutes before we started the show, there were giant snowflakes falling outside our window. Now the sun is shining and we no longer understand anything!

Did you watch the Bachelor last night? We didn’t, but we certainly heard about it today! Spoiler alert: Bachelor Arie proposed, thought about it, changed his mind, dumped girl #1 Becca and decided to try with girl #2 Lauren. We only need the headline to be horrified, but we wanted to discuss the issue with someone who watches. Dan gave us a call and Dan is a series-long fan of the show. He wants girl #2 to tell Arie to take a hike! We are going to check in with Dan again tomorrow after Part 2 of the finale and get his take on how it all plays out.

3p Hour

Today’s Kill a Half Hour focuses on online relationships. You know your relationship is getting serious if are asked this question. What is it? Your clues are: ‘legal’ and ‘identity’
Answer: what’s your last name?
Congrats to Ann in Morton Grove! We will waste more time tomorrow starting at 3:20!

4p Hour

The Mix Birthday Game is still going strong! The 4:20 birthday was February 9th and Latecia was lucky caller 25! She just won $1,000 bucks! Congratulations! Your next chance to win is 7:20 tomorrow morning. Good luck!

Michael Shannon, who starred in the Oscar winning film ‘The Shape of Water’ was not in attendance of the big award show on Sunday – he was at a bar in Chicago! Shannon watched the program on mute at Old Town Ale House because he was involved in a production at Red Orchid Theater that happened to wrap on the same day. It’s always cool to see that even Hollywood stars really are just normal, hard working people like the rest of us.

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place at a Chuck E. Cheese Lots of ‘Lacks’ happen there, but this particular one happened in New Jersey when a brawl broke out involving about 15-20 people. It resulted in 2 arrests ands started over cigarettes. Ridiculous. If you missed the report, we will have it for you at 6:20.

5p Hour

Jen didn’t really want to play Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz following her loss to Dorothy yesterday, but she had no choice! You can’t just walk away, so we played and Jen and Sherri ended in a 4-4 tie! Jen’s record is now 61-5 and we will play again tomorrow at 5:20. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Kevin Hart told Conan O’Brien he ‘was a little thing called intoxicated’ when he tried to crash the Super Bowl trophy presentation last month. The Super Bowl is the championship game for what sport?

2. Gwen Stefani is close to announcing a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. What NBC singing competition has Gwen a coach on until this season?

3. “Ghostbusters Live in Concert” is coming to cities around the world in the fall with music from the movie being played by an orchestra during screenings. What city does ‘Ghostbusters’ take place in?

4. After 20 years of marriage, Jim Belushi’s wife has filed for divorce. What legendary Chicago movie did Jim’s brother John star in with Dan Akroyd as they were on a mission from God?

5. With ‘Roseanne’ coming back to TV, Tim Allen says he is very interested in bringing back Home Improvement. What is the fictional tool company that sponsored Tool Time on ‘Home Improvement’?



It’s time to think about spring cleaning, and Jen and company started that process this past weekend. Max was cleaning out the spice cabinet, which happens once or twice a year. Raina ran upstairs yelling “Momma, daddy found basil older than me!”. Much to Jen’s horror, the expiration date on the bottle was 2006! So we wanted to know – you were cleaning the house and you found WHAT?! Grant called to tell us he was helping his grandma clean her medicine cabinet and they found antibiotics from 1970! WOW! Then Kathy called about an easter egg hunt. Her family uses real eggs and one year they found a hard boiled egg from the year before! They were smart enough not to open it, but OMG! That’s a heck of a hiding place!

6p Hour

We talked earlier this afternoon about Arie and his great mind-changing event on last night’s episode of ‘the Bachelor’ and it’s not a good look. He’s pretty much the most hated man in America, and there’s evidence of that on Venmo, a digital money sharing app. A bunch of women started sharing ‘wine money’ with Becca to show their emotional support. Our favorite message? “I’m in college and this is all the money I have, but I want you to have it. Buy yourself something nice to get over that stale crouton of a man.” Gotta love it!

Thank you for listening again today! We will be back tomorrow starting at 2!

– KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

Just when you thought the worst of winter was behind us, Mother Nature slaps us with reality. We have a winter weather advisory that is expected to bring 1-2 inches to the south, 3-4 inches in the northern portions of the areas. It’s supposed to be the wet, heavy kind of snow so remember to lift with your knees and protect that back! Jen is taking the blame because she got a car wash, which seems to be the ultimate weather jinx.

Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel was very aware that the length of the broadcast can be quite long, so he made a gesture to help make audience members more comfortable. Under each seat, there was a snack box containing items like chips and gummy bears along with a personal note. They also made donations to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank for each box! Nothing like a little humor mixed with generosity. Love that!

It’s the day after an awards show, so of course we had to talk to Leslie the Wrinkle Fairy! She’s our got-to person for what’s hot and what’s not following a red carpet event. She was getting her hair colored and told us her colorist also does Johnny Depp’s hair! We talked about Sandra Bullock’s new cheeks, Nicole Kidman looking like she’s frozen on ice, and Allison Janney who looked absolutely incredible. We also talked about how crazy good Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren and Rita Moreno looked. So. Darn. Good. If you want to see Leslie, check out LipoDoc.com.

3p Hour

No hockey playoff beards to grown this season (it’s been rough for the Hawks) but we have the NCAA tourney to look forward to, and Loyola will make their first appearance in 33 years! Chicago in general has been frozen out for quite some time, without having a team in the running since UIC and DePaul in 2004! It’s a nice bridge between now and MLB opening day, so let’s root for the home team!

Let’s waste some time! Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is all about new relationships. 30% of men in a new relationship say they’re cool with doing this after 3 months. What is it? Your clues today are ‘borrow’ and ‘teeth’
Answer: share a toothbrush
Congrats to Katie and Leo who got the answer right today – and never borrow each other’s toothbrush. We will waste some more time tomorrow starting at 3:20.

4p Hour

Ashton Kutcher revealed in an interview that he and Mila Kunis will not be leaving their kids any money when they pass. They have decided to give it to charity instead, citing the desire to have them forge their own path without the comfort of a trust fund. But here at the Mix, we will definitely give you money just for being born! The Mix Birthday Game is coming up at 4:20!

Today’s birthday was October 12th. Hayley from Aurora got a text from her friend alerting her to the date and BOOM! She’s $1,000 richer after being caller 25! Congratulations! Now take that friend out to a nice dinner.

Last night’s Oscars broadcast was the lowest rated show in the history of the Oscars. The show drew an average of 26.5 million viewers which is down 20% from last year. We love Jimmy Kimmel, but we also nominate Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph to tag-team because they were hilarious when they presented last night.

The Lack of Intelligence Report took place last night in Los Angeles at the Governor’s Ball, the official Oscar after party. Frances McDormand left her Best Actress sitting on a table after having her name engraved on it, and someone took it! It didn’t take long for the dude to get busted – by Wolfgang Puck’s photographer! Security grabbed him, handed him over to the cops, and he was charged with grand theft! If you missed the report you can always catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

All good things must come to an end. After a 15 game winning streak, Jen was handed her 5th ever loss by Dorothy from Carol Stream. She got all 5 right and Jen could not, sending her record to 60-5. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Kobe Bryant won an Oscar last night for Best Animated Short. What sport did Kobe Bryant retire from in 2016?

2. Adam West was left out of last night’s ‘In Memoriam’. What caped superhero did Adam West play on TV in the 1960’s?

3. Jimmy Kimmel took some stars across the street to crash a preview of ‘A Wrinkle In Time.’ What former syndicated Chicago talk show host stars in ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ as Mrs. Which?

4. The Shape of Water won Best Picture last night at The Academy Awards. What is the chemical formula of water?

5. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the Academy Awards for the second straight year. What comedy legend holds the record for hosting the Oscars 18 times?



Want to hand Jen her second loss in a row? We will play again tomorrow at 5:20.

Tiffany Haddish wore her now-famous white dress to the Oscars last night, the same one she wore hosting SNL and to her ‘Girls Trip’ movie premier. She says a $4,000 Alexander McQueen dress SHOULD be worn as much as possible. Jen’s husband bought a suit over the weekend that he plans to wear to “all the weddings” – those things are expensive too! So we wanted to hear about your go-to outfits. Christine has a “funeral dress” and she has loaned it to friends who also wore it to funerals. Sherri has a few depending on how she’s feeling about her body that day – we can all relate to that! And then there’s Chris. Christ has a go-to tuxedo t-shirt that he bought years ago in Vegas. He wears it to everything, including his brother’s wedding reception! Thanks for all the great calls today!

6p Hour

We want a hot dog cannon! After seeing Jimmy Kimmel fire them off when he crashed a movie theater across the street, we’d love to see those at Cubs games! Beats the heck out of a t-shirt cannon, am I right?

The bad weather seems to be creeping our way. Be careful out there and let’s hope this is the last hurrah of winter.

Thanks for listening today! We will be back tomorrow at 2pm!

– KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

This weekend’s Powerball jackpot is a whopping $321 million dollars! As usual, our office has a pool and we didn’t enter it. If we are the only people left at the station on Monday… Meanwhile, a group of 31 Canadian co-workers are splitting a $60 million jackpot! It’s a small community and some of the group even live on the same street as a few others! Some will retire with their nearly $2 million takeaway, but many of them plan to continue to work. Congrats to them!

In what could possibly be the most watched do-over of all time, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway will attempt to hand the Best Picture Oscar to the right movie this year. If you remember last year, they called out ‘La La Land’ in error as they stood together on stage and hopefully redemption is theirs on Sunday.

3p Hour

We hang our heads in shame. For the last 2 days we’ve been saying Daylight Saving happens this weekend and it is not. That will take place NEXT weekend, and our thanks to Mix listener Carrie in Indiana for alerting us to the error. Don’t touch your clock!

Let’s waste some time! Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is all about the Oscars! There will only be 50 of these on the Oscar’s red carpet on Sunday. What are they? Your clues are: ‘professionals’ and ‘cameras’.
Answer: Photographers
Congratulations to Joe from Chicago! He was the first one to get it right today. We will waste more time on Monday starting at 3:20.

4p Hour

It’s the Mix Birthday Game! We call out a birthday, if that birthday matches yours be the 25th caller to win $1,000! It’s that simple! Today’s birthday is April 3rd. Marissa from Warrenville was caller 25! Congrats! More birthdays and more money coming your way on Monday!

If you haven’t enjoyed the local treasure of an Original Rainbow Cone in the heat of summer, you haven’t lived. Jen can close her eyes and imagine the taste, while Koz has never had one. Well, today is your chance! The Beverly staple is now open for the season! Get your chocolate/strawberry/palmer house/pistachio goodness at that location or the kiosk at Navy Pier!

A Lack of Intelligence took place in Baltimore when a man in his car put on some aerosol body spray. That wasn’t necessarily the problem. The issue came when he lit a cigarette soon after, causing a sudden explosion that blew off the door, pushed up the roof, and shattered the front windshield! Miraculously the dude is ok, but the car is not. If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

Jen continues her barely-squeaking-by streak with another tie – this one 4-4 against Oracio. Her record is now 60-4. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. The Academy Awards will be handed out on Sunday night. What color is the Oscar statuette?

2. Toy Story Land will open on June 30th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. What’s the name of Tim Allen’s Space Ranger character in Toy Story?

3. Keith Richards has apologized to 74-year old Mick Jagger for saying he needs to get a vasectomy. What Rock & Roll HOF band are Keith and Mick a part of?

4. Christina Aguilera announced she’ll be a guest judge on the The season 10 opener of RiPaul’s Drag Race on March 22nd. What network is RuPaul’s Drag Race on?

5. Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama May be reconciling after breaking up about two years ago. Who did Wilmer play on the Fox comedy ‘That 70’s Show’?



Someone has to end Jen’s win streak – will it be you? We will play again on Monday at 5:20!

We will definitely be watching the Oscars on Sunday and though we’ve barely seen any of the movies, there’s one category in particular Jen is pumped about – best song. She’s obsessed with the Greatest Showman soundtrack and cannot imagine ‘This is Me’ losing, but feels bad not rooting for the song from the Coco soundtrack. We will be on Facebook having Oscar convos the night of the broadcast, so join us there!

Thanks for listening again today! We will talk to you again on Monday starting at 2!

– KOZ & Jen


2p Hour

We woke up to the sound of rain on the roof, relieved to know there wasn’t snow on the ground! Looks like we dodged that, and now the sun is peeking through a bit. Hopefully we have put the worst of winter behind us now that it’s officially March!

It’s early in the day to be thinking about going home, but we have a major traffic incident on the Eisenhower. On the inbound side near St. Charles, there’s a 3 semi/multiple other vehicle crash that resulted in fires and a haz mat spill as well. All lanes are blocked in both directions, but traffic outbound can squeeze by on the shoulder.

3p Hour

Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about spring cleaning! According to the experts, you should vacuum this every 3-6 months at home. What is it? Your clues are: ‘bedroom’ and ‘bed’
Answer: Your mattress
Congrats to Christine from Valpo for getting the answer right today!
If you want to see how the rest of your cleaning habits stack up, check this out!

4p Hour

The Mix Birthday Game is back at the 4:20 birthday was March 27th! Congratulations to Melissa, who’s husband is currently serving in the Army in Texas! She said this thousand bucks will help her see her husband and her family more. We are so happy for her! You will have another shot at $1,000 tomorrow at 7:20!

High-class bedazzling is happening on the Oscar stage! 45 million Swarovski crystals created a gorgeous arc across the stage! You may need sunglasses to give an acceptance speech, but it will be worth it! Check it out for yourself on Sunday!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Arizona when a woman used a stiletto as a weapon. The woman fell out of her chair at a pizza joint and she thought people were laughing at her (they probably were) and her boyfriend didn’t like that. Things got heated, pizza started getting thrown around, and she took off her shoe and stuck another man in the face. She was arrested and we have a mugshot! If you missed the report, you can always catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

On today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, Jen’s past came back to haunt her! The first time she lost was to Carole from Algonquin, and today’s contestant Bob is Carole’s husband! With equal amount so pressure on both sides, Jen was relieved the match ended in a 3-3 tie! Her record is now 59-4 and here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. The Oscars are this Sunday night in Los Angeles. What color is the carpet that the celebrities walk on as they head into the Dolby Theater?

2. Lisa Marie Presley has been ordered to pay her estranged husband $100K within 30 days. Who is Lisa Marie’s father?

3. Sammy Hagar just sold his oceanside home in Hawaii for $3.3M. What band did Sammy Hagar replace David Lee Roth as lead singer?

4. Bruce Willis has confirmed that Die Hard 6 is happening and he’s about to look at the script. What’s the name of Bruce Willis’ Die Hard character?

5. There’s a new trailer for Wreck it Ralph 2 starring John C. Reilly ahead of next week’s release. John was also the voice of Eddie in the 2016 movie ‘Sing’. What kind of an animal is Eddie?



Who wants to hand Jen her 5th loss? We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

According to Indeed, Costco is the best company to work for! It’s all based on wages and benefits and all that good stuff. We gave listeners to opportunity to brag about their workplace! Anna from Chicago called to tell us about the 16 years she spent at Gatorade. She went to 5 Super Bowls, all kinds of NFL, NBA, and MLB games and events – that’s the dream!

6p Hour

This weekend is daylight saving time! We lose an hour, but we gain some daylight so that’s always a good thing! Not every state participates, which really messes you up if you’re out of town and try to call back home! We think everyone should be all in or all out!

Thanks for listening again today! We will be back with you tomorrow at 2:00!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 2/28/18

2p Hour

Yesterday was a beautiful weather day, today started out ok with sunny skies and warmer temps and now it’s a bit overcast, but tomorrow we could have snow! That’s Chicago for you! But hey, if you win $1,000 you can maybe think about buying a snow blower!

The Oscars are this Sunday and of course we all know about the glitz and glamour we see during the broadcast, but the support staff numbers are staggering! We’re talking valet parking for 500 cars, 800 employees, and 650 limousines! Koz thinks every time Gary Oldman is nominated he’s up reading a speech, Jen thinks 3 Billboards will win best picture, and neither them have seen many (or any) of the nominated films!

3p Hour

We all feel like we work hard, but now we have a list to prove it! Wallet Hub came out with a list of the hardest working cities in America and we made the top 10! Looks like we could all use a bit more leisure time, but I’m guessing when that time does come we know how to do that big too!

Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about money! When it comes to kids, the price of this has dropped 11% since last year. What is it? Your clues are: ‘teeth’ and ‘pillow’
Answer: Tooth fairy payouts
And by the numbers – the average price dropped from $4.66 to $4.13 from last year, and the midwest is even lower at $3.44. We will waste some more time again tomorrow starting at 3:20!

4p Hour

Another round of the Mix Birthday Game happened at 4:20 and Maritza is now $1,000 richer after being our 25th caller! We called out June 13th, and her luck is turning into a heck of a birthday gift! Congrats, Maritza!

We head to Florida for today’s Lack of Intelligence Report! It happened when a 51 year-old woman beat up her boyfriend because he interrupted…hooking up…to check on dinner. The man told police they were drinking, cooking, and “having a good time” when they started to hook it up. But then he remembered he had food on the stove, so he took a break to check on it. The woman wasn’t too happy with the call and she smashed the tv on the floor, punched him, and drove away in his vehicle. She was arrested and charged with battery. If you missed the report, you can always catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

Some episodes of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz end up in an empty feeling win for Jen, and today was one of those days. The game ended in a 3-3 tie with Alex after Jen gave a shameful answer to one of the questions. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Ellen DeGeneres surprised Jimmy Kimmel with a room at Children’s Hospital that is dedicated to his son. What movie award show is Jimmy Kimmel hosting on Sunday night?

2. Oprah Winfrey made a Starbucks run last week and the barista didn’t recognize her and had to ask how to spell her name on the cup. Can you spell ORPAH?

3. Reese Witherspoon shared an instagram video over the weekend of her cleaning smudges off her sidewalk star of the Walk of Fame. What’s city is the Walk of Fame located?

4. Barbara Streisand says she had two clones of her pet dog made after it died last year. What Stephen King book about bring animals back to life was turned into a horror film in 1989?

5. French Stewart’s serial killer character Paul Triff returned to NCIS during last night’s episode. What does NCIS stand for?



Think you have what it takes to knock Jen down? We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…unless you meet a celebrity – then you have to tell everyone! When Jen was in Vegas her and her husband wanted to eat at a Food Network star’s restaurant and they chose Robert Irvine (Restaurant Impossible) for dinner one night. Much to her surprise, chef Irvine was there! He couldn’t have been any nicer and more generous with his time. Koz met Gilbert Gottfried and was shocked his talking voice in real life was nothing like his persona – much quieter! So who did you meet that took you by surprise?

Megan met Snoop Dog while visiting her Best Buddies friend in Bloomington and he was so nice to them. He took pictures and hung out with them for a while. Very cool! Michelle met the cast of Magic Mike – accidentally! She was wandering around L.A. and happened upon the movie premier and yes, she got pics! Thanks for all the calls today!

6p Hour

After 10 seasons, and several great ones with the Bears, Matt Forte is retiring! It makes us long for the days when the Bears had winning seasons. Speaking of not good seasons, the Bears plan to release Mike Glennon, who cost them over 12 million as backup QB, when the new league year begins mid-March. Now fingers crossed for a decent draft.

SHOW NOTES 2/27/18

2p Hour

A local favorite is coming to the friendly confines! Garrett Popcorn will become the “official gourmet popcorn sponsor” of the Chicago Cubs! This season you will be able to get the amazing Chicago Mix (and I’m sure other flavors) during games throughout the season, with the options of a special Cubs themed tin!

3p Hour

Funny how you can know someone for a long time and still learn new things about that person. Today, Jen learned that Koz eats scallions like carrot sticks. He dips them in a bit of salt and chomps down. Jen is grossed out by this, Koz is highly amused at grossing her out. We are having the conversation over on the Koz and Jen Facebook page if you want to chime in!

We love wasting time, and today’s Kill a Half Hour question will help you do just that. If you’re an average person you’ll have 50 of these a year. What are they? Your clues are: ‘attitude’ and ‘negative’
Answer: bad days
Congrats to Conrad! He was the first person to guess the right answer today, and he’s having a good day! We will waste some more time tomorrow starting at 3:20!

4p Hour

It’s time to give away another thousand bucks! The Mix Birthday Game rewards you just for being born! the 4:20 birthday is November 5th! Sandy from Hobart, IN was lucky number 25 and is now the proud owner of $1,000…that she’s passing on to her daughter! Congrats to Sandy!

Ever dream of binge eating Italian food without judgement? Well, now you can! On Friday March 23, Eataly is having their ‘Spring Fest’, where for $75 you get an all-access pass to amazing food and drink! We imagine tickets will sell out pretty fast. If you get in, let us know how it was!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report happened in Los Angeles when a woman decided to run a dentist office from her living room. The patient who reported the “dentist” after ending up in the hospital from a root canal said he was referred to the “practice” by co-workers who had previously seen her for other dental work. Shockingly, the fake dentist is only serving probation. If you missed the report you can always catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz featured contestant Christine from Lindenhurst! It was a tight match, ending in a 4-4 tie and sending Jen’s record to 57-4! All ties go to Jen since Jen is the only buying dinner. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. CMT has released the trailer for the final episodes of Nashville which comes to end on July 26th. What state is Nashville located?

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air might introduce a Fresh Princess if and when it comes back to TV. In the original series, who played the Fresh Prince?

3. Warner Bros. World is opening up later this year in Abu Dabi. One of their main attractions will be ‘Batman: Knight Flight’. What’s the fictional city where Batman fights crime?

4. Heather Locklear was arrested over the weekend and charged with felony domestic violence and battery on a cop. What FOX TV drama did Heather star in as Amanda Woodward?

5. The Walking Dead character Carl Grimes is no longer among the living after getting killed off over the weekend in the latest episode. Who plays Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead?



We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

This winter has been hard on our vehicles! A few weeks ago, Jen fell victim to a snow chunk breaking free from the car ahead of her on the northbound Tristate Tollway, snapping an emissions hose under her car. Koz was driving to the airport last week when he rolled over a bolt getting on the Jane Addams tollway, but luckily a patch job was all it took to get him back on the road. So how have the Chicago roads damaged your vehicle? We all have a story or two…or four.

Dave beats both of our stories. His work truck got a double flat courtesy of a massive pot hole. He ended up needing to replace all 4 tires. The next day his boss borrowed the truck and it happened again! That time the boss paid, but he only got him a used one!

6p Hour

We had a spring training crosstown classic in Arizona today! It was the Cubs over the White Sox 6-5. It’s Hawk Harrelson’s final season and Koz couldn’t be happier. Meanwhile, opening day is just mere weeks away – March 29th! With the weather we had today in Chicago, it’s easy to imagine yourself in a baseball seat!

‘This is Us’ is back with a new episode tonight, and we’re hoping for an upbeat episode after the last two – Jack’s death and Jack’s funeral. By now we all know the Crock Pot angle, and if you’re a fan of TIU and want to add a little humor to your kitchen, you should get one of these decals!

Thanks for listening again today! We will be back tomorrow beginning at 2:00!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 2/26/18

2p Hour

Our vacation is over and so are the winter games! Anyone else feeling the void and not knowing what to watch tonight? We all think that Olympic athletes live and breathe their sport and dedicate all of their time to training, but many have jobs just like us! Some athletes are already back at their 9 to 5s just days after the games came to a close. We all have to pay the bills!

From the NFL to the FBI – former Bear Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman, who has a criminal justice degree, has reportedly become an agent after enrolling in Quantico! Just saying that sounds so crazy! He’s one of the coolest dudes ever!

3p Hour

A sure sign that spring is on the way – spring training baseball! Not only has it started, but the Cubs and Sox are having a spring training cross town classic in Arizona tomorrow! And how about Kyle Schwarber, who made training a priority in the off season and looks like a different person! WOWZER! It’s paying off on the field already with two stolen bases yesterday.

It’s time to waste some time with Kill Half Hour! Today’s question is all about adulting. According to a survey, 15% of us say we are not officially adults until we buy this. What is it? Your clues are: ‘car’ and ‘health’
Answer: Insurance
Congrats to Angelica in Elk Grove for guessing the answer today! We will waste some more time tomorrow starting at 3:20!

4p Hour

Another day, another thousand dollars in the Mix birthday game! At 4:20 we called out December 4th and Aldo was caller 25! He gets $1,000 just for being born! Your next chance at $1,000 happens at 7:20 tomorrow morning!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report subject should have listened to previous Lack of Intelligence Reports. If he did, he would have known what happens when you have an bug or animal in your house and don’t hire a professional to take care of the problem. This time, it happened in Detroit where a guy was trying to get rid of some skunks in the house he was renting. He told investigators he had enough with the skunks, who made a home in his crawlspace, and was attempting to drive them out with a smoke bomb when things went awry. The smoke bomb sparked a fire that spread from the crawlspace to the first floor. The fire eventually spread through the walls and attic. The fire chief says the house was a complete loss…but no skunk carcasses were found. If you missed the report, you can always catch the replay at 6:20 every night!

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz featured contestant Barb, who truly knows how to get the best out of life. She was full of laughter and fun, but Barb was only able to get 1 answer right. Jen won 4-1 and her record is now 56-4. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Hollywood is making a movie about the Frito-Lay maintenance worker who came up with the formula for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. What color are original Cheetos?

2. The Kardashian/ Jenners and the West family went up against each other on Family Feud after the Hilton family backed out of the episode at the last minute. Who is the current host of The Family Feud?

3. WWE Superstar John Cena will host Nickelodean’s Kids’ Choice Awards on March 24th. What does WWE stand for?

4. Alicia Vikander will play Lara Croft in the newest Tomb Raider movie that opens next month. Who played Lara Croft in the original Tomb Raider movie in 2001?

5. Steven Wilkos, a former bodyguard for Jerry Springer was arrested for DUI after a car wreck In Connecticut. Jerry Springer used to be the mayor of what city?


Want to be the next one to take down Jen? We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

So both Koz and Jen went on trips last week and they happened to overlap in Las Vegas for a few days. Koz is glad he wasn’t on Jen’s flight back to Chicago because she committed an airplane faux pas – she took her shoes off for the whole flight. She defends it with “it was a red eye and I just ran out of caring” and Koz says there’s no excuse. On his flight, Koz had a woman in his row pass out on the tray table. Does she know how many germs are on that thing? So what bad behavior have you seen on a flight? Virginia was on a flight where a kid threw up – but that wasn’t the bad behavior. THAT happened when a dude decided he should spray his cheap cologne all over the cabin to try to mask the smell. That did not go over well.

SHOW NOTES 2/16/18

2p Hour

A sure sign that winter is coming to an end in the near future – the end of dibs! Garbage collectors and other employees will start picking up items left in the street to reserve parking spots on Monday. You have to be willing to lose whatever you put out there because it’s strictly honor system. At least you have warning for this one!

It’s the final day of the qualifying round of our ‘Spell-lympic Challenge! That’s where we give you a Blackhawks member name to spell for a chance to win tickets to the March 6th game vs the Avalanche! Today, caller 25 was Sarah from Naperville and after correctly spelling Joel Quenneville’s name, she was our final qualifier for the pair of tix. Good luck to all our qualifiers!

Our random winner just happened to be Sarah! Congratulations on winning those Hawks tickets on March 6th!

3p Hour

Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about moms! 5% of moms say they crave this during pregnancy. What is it? Your clues are: ‘mint’ and ‘tube’
Answer: toothpaste
Congrats to Michelle in Waukegan for guessing the right answer today!

4p Hour

Yesterday Jen gave Koz some homework for watching the Olympics. She gave him a little study guide so that he could watch the figure skating men’s short program with a more keen eye since he struggles to understand the details. Much to Jen’s surprise, Koz was able to describe the difference between 2 different jumps! That is a passing grade! However, he did not pay attention to the scoring part of the homework so he ended up with a 50%. Bonus points were awarded for already knowing some of the spins, so he get’s a passing grade of 60%. Good job, Koz!

Last birthday of the week for the Mix Birthday Game! Today’s date was November 19th and Fran from Plainfield was caller 25 and won $1,000! She’s going to use the money on a vacation she just recently booked. Congratulations, Fran!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in the U.K. when a man didn’t settle up the bill for his garbage dumpster. Looks like the dude is doing construction at his place, so when the dumpster company employees had enough of the non-payment they took matters into their own hands. They dumped 15 tons of garbage right there on the front lawn. There’s video! WARNING: some harsh language can be heard in the video. If you missed the report, catch the replay at 6:20!

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz came down to the final question! Don from Schaumburg got all 5 questions right, but so did Jen so her record is now 56-4. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. McDonald’s announced they’re removing cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from the their Happy Meals menus as they make Happy Meals healthier. What is the name of the McDonald’s clown?

2. Mark Wahlberg played in a Pro-Am Tournament this week with Tiger Woods at Riviera. What sport does Tiger play?

3. Jerry Seinfeld hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a ‘Seinfeld’ reunion. What’s the name of Seinfeld’s neigh-bor with the crazy hair?

4. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have separated. Who co-starred with Jennifer in the 2006 comedy-drama ‘The Break-Up’?

5. ‘Survivor’ looks to be casting teenagers for an upcoming season as the show is getting ready to celebrate their 18th year on the air. Who is the host of ‘Survivor’?



6p Hour

Two local ski jumpers are competing tonight in Pyeongchang! They are part of the Norge Ski Club in Fox River Grove! There are so many local athletes competing in the winter games and we love rooting for the home-town kids!

Congratulations to Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine and his wife Behati Prinsloo! Prinsloo gave birthday to their second daughter Gio Grace! We can’t wait to find out if Ellen Degeners helped pick out this name like she did for baby #1 Dusty Rose!

Thanks for listening today and all this week!

– KOZ & Jen

SHOW NOTES 2/15/18

2p Hour

Koz has a suggestion for how to spend you $1,000 if you win the Mix Birthday Game – Garrett Popcorn’s new flavor hickory smoked bacon cheese corn! According to Koz and his son Austin is the best thing ever. If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think!

Day 4 of the qualifying round of our ‘Spell-lympic Challenge’ in which we ask you to spell the last name of a Blackhawks player for a shot at a pair of tickets to the March 6th game against the Avalanche. Today’s player was Alex DeBrincat and Jake from Deerfield has qualified for the grand prize. Congrats!

3p Hour

Koz has been geeking out big time ever since Elon Musk launched his Tesla into space. When the telescope lost sight of the car, Koz’s heart broke a little but he bounced back with some new news! The Tesla could crash back down to earth..after a few million years! That’s someone else’s problem, amiright?

It’s an Olympic Kill a Half Hour! 20% of snowboarders have this in common. What is it? Your clues are: ‘lift’ and ‘downhill’
Answer: they ski
Congrats to Jovan in Elgin! We will waste some more time tomorrow starting at 3:20.

4p Hour

We are all about the winter games on the afternoon show, but Koz is struggling a bit with the figure skating. He knows a couple of the spins, but the judging and the jumps have him in a blur. He doesn’t know the difference between a lutz and an axle. Lucky for him, Jen is a figure skater and can help him enjoy his viewing experience by explaining a few things! She decided to put together a bit of a study guide to help Koz watch the men’s short program tonight with a more keen eye. His assigned skater is Adam Rippon. Tomorrow we will circle back and see if things make more sense after the lesson.

The Mix Birthday Game rolls on, and we called out August 7th this afternoon. Jennifer was caller 25 and won $1,000 just for being born! Congratulations! We will have another birthday tomorrow at 7:20am!

Today’s Lack of Intelligence report happened in Portugal when a man tried to smuggle in a kilo of cocaine in a fake butt! The man attempted to disguise the drugs in a pair of swim trunks, but it wasn’t very subtle. He was arrested and we’ve got photos of the peculiar posterior. If you missed the report, you can always catch the replay at 6:20 every day!

5p Hour

Yesterday was full of shame on Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz, and today Jen was able to redeem herself. Jen beat Kristin 4-2, bringing her record to 55-4. Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. Star Wars fans are beginning to notice The Millennium Falcon is a different color in the upcoming movie ‘SOLO’. In Star Wars, what’s the name of Han Solo’s Wookie co-pilot?

2. David Cook will make his Broadway debut in Kinky Boots in April. What singing competition did David Cook win in 2008?

3. In an interview that will run on 60 Minutes Overtime this Sunday, Oprah says running for President is not in her DNA. What’s the name of the office the President works in?

4. Ryan Murphy has left FOX for a $300M deal with Netflix. What FOX TV show about McKinley High School starring Leah Michele did Ryan help create?

5. The trailer for Incredibles 2 was shown last night during the Winter Games. What’s the name of the city in the Incredibles?



We will play again tomorrow at 5:20!

Over the weekend, Koz’s 11 year-old son Austin lost a basketball playoff game in overtime, and He. Was. Mad. He got over it quickly, but not before refusing to go out to breakfast in lieu of a pout. We asked, what happened the last time your kid had a meltdown? No toddlers, because they get a pass.

Rachel’s 12 year-old daughter had a meltdown that school was cancelled today because of fog! She wasn’t missing an event or anything, she just really wanted to go to school for some reason! Bob’s 17 year-old daughter had a meltdown when she overslept this morning. She woke up 20 minutes late and was “screaming and carrying on”. Yeah, we know exactly what that sounds like.

SHOW NOTES 2/14/18

2p Hour

Yesterday around this time Commander Paul Bauer was shot and killed outside of the Thompson Center. We now know a lot more about Paul Bauer the man. He was a husband, a father, and a community leader on top of his police duties. If you want to read more about him, there’s no shortage or articles being written about him. Here is just one.

It’s day 3 of the ‘Spell-lympic Challenge’ where we ask you to correctly spell the name of a Blackhawks player for a chance to win tickets to the Haws vs Avalanche at the United Center on March 6th. Congrats to Mary in Northlake! She was today’s qualifier after correctly spelling Artem Anisimov! We will have another chance for you tomorrow at 2:20.

The Mix Birthday game is in full swing! We will have another chance for you to win $1,000 just for being born at 4:20!

3p Hour

If dropping F-bombs were an Olympic sport, our snowboarders would get a gold medal in that too! Shaun White was the latest to get by the NBC sensors after winning gold on the half pipe last night. White also has another cool headline after he shocked and thrilled a Korean chef, who named a burger “the Flying Tomato” after White’s famous nickname, by showing up to eat it. We love stories like this!

Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about money. Just over 10% of us say this is where they hide their cash. Where is it? Your clues today were: ‘closet’ and ‘feet’
Answer: shoes
Congrats to Bethany for getting the answer right today! We will waste some more time tomorrow starting at 3:20!

4p Hour

The Norwegian curling team is famous for their colorful competition pants, and they did not disappoint on Valentine’s Day! But beyond their curling talents, they also have a unique skill you have to see to believe.

The Mix Birthday Game will pay you $1,000 just for being born! This afternoon’s birthday was October 1st and Eric from Carpentersville now has a little more money in his pocket! Your next chance to win will be tomorrow at 7:20am!

It’s an international Lack of Intelligence Report! It happened when a woman in China climbed into an X-ray machine at a train station because she didn’t trust the security staff with her handbag. The woman put her suitcases on the machine’s conveyor belt, but walked through the security checkpoint with the handbag. After being told she had to put the handbag through the X-ray machine, she climbed on herself. The staff didn’t stop the woman, who grabbed her bags after going through the X-ray machine and ran to her train. It wasn’t known what she had inside the bag. If you missed the report at 4:50pm you can catch the replay at 6:20pm!

5p Hour

Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz was painful. It was a 1-1 tie going into question 4! The match ended in a 2-2 tie with Jen and contestant Sarah both laughing with shame. At least they have a sense of humor! Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along:

1. The Bears will play in the Hall of Fame game when Brian Urlacher is inducted into Canton this fall. In what state is Canton located?

2. After finding out a UPS employee in Little Rock, Arkansas had been walking 11 miles to work for the past 7 months, co-workers pitched in to buy him a new car. What does UPS stand for?

3. Kate Upton was wiped out by a wave while standing on a rock during her Sports Illustrated photo shoot in Aruba. What ocean surrounds Aruba?

4. Tom Hanks is returning to the stage to play Sir John Falstaff in the Los Angeles production of Shakespeare’s “Henry IV.” What is the Roman Numeral for 4?

5. Flynn the Bichon Frise was the best in show winner at the Westminster Kennel Club last night. What’s the name of the dog on the animated series ‘Family Guy’?



Jen’s showing signs of weakness, so if you want to try and beat her at pop culture trivia tomorrow, we will play at at 5:20!

With the Pyeongchang winter Olympics in full swing, we are in complete awe of the talent and dedication these athletes display under the most unimaginable pressure! With our limited range of talent, we got to thinking about what we could get a gold medal in if it were an Olympic sport. Jen is torn between vacuuming, which she does nearly every day like she’s training for something, and packing a heck of a lot into a small suitcase. Koz gets a gold medal in losing stuff, because not a day goes by where he isn’t searching for something he had 5 minutes ago. Delia has a gold medal in losing or breaking phones. Her record is 3 days after purchase! Grace has a medal in being late. She’s been doing it for 25 years, and is currently late to her Valentine’s Day dinner. Tina, unfortunately, has a medal in flat tires. She averages 2 every year and has already met her 2018 quota!

SHOW NOTES 2/13/18

2p Hour

Another iconic Chicago landmark name bites the dust! The John Hancock Center is no more. The famous building will only be known by it’s street address, 875 N Michigan ave until the building owners sell the naming rights to another company. We are digging in our heels just like we did with Sears Tower and Marshall Fields. It will always be Hancock to us!

It’s day 2 of our ‘Spell-lympic Challenge’ where we ask you to spell the last name of a Chicago Blackhawks player and qualify for a pair of tickets to the March 6th game against the Avalanche. Today’ player was #18 Vinne Hinostroza. Congrats to Pat in Joiet for qualifying! We will notify the winner on Friday!

It’s paczki day! Last week, Central Continental Bakery brought us tons, and on this official day we want to know your go-to spot. We have a conversation going on the Koz & Jen Facebook page, but if you need some help Time Out has you covered.

3p Hour

It’s always hard to share news like this, but we have to. An off-duty police officer was shot about an hour ago at the Thompson Center. The condition of the officer has not been released, so all we know at this point is the perimeter closed off around the center. Avoid that area completely for the foreseeable future.
*Update: the officer had sadly passed away. Our thoughts are with the family and the entire CPD.

Today’s Kill a Half Hour is all about money. The average price for one of these is $6,350. What is it? Your clues are: ‘jewelry’ and ‘one-knee’.
Answer: engagement ring
Congrats to Patrice in Palatine for getting the right answer today! We will waste some more time tomorrow starting at 3:20!

4p Hour

Medical Equipment Cleaner/Organizer: Goodwill’s Health Equipment Link Program (HELPs) collects, cleans and refurbishes donated medical equipment before linking it to someone in need in the community. The walkers, crutches, bath benches, wheelchairs and other pieces of durable medical equipment provided through Goodwill HELPs are free of charge to people of all walks of life who are unable to purchase for themselves the equipment they need to live independent lives. HELPs Volunteers assist in job duties such as cleaning, refurbishing and organizing durable medical equipment at Goodwill’s main office at 3500 Dodds Ave. Volunteers can be schedule for anytime between 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday - Friday.

Office Assistant: Volunteer Office Assistants assist with various office duties, such as, but not limited to filing, shredding, and copying documents. They also accurately enter data into a database from handwritten documents. The schedule is anytime between 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday- Friday.

Store Greeters: Greeters meet customers at the store entrance and inform them of the day’s specials. Greeters may also assist customers with cart selection and offer coupons. Volunteers can be scheduled for anytime between 9:00am - 8:00pm, Monday - Saturday or 12:00pm - 6:00pm, Sunday.

Retail Volunteers: Goodwill’s Retail Stores are fundraisers for our Mission Service programs. Retail Volunteers assist in job duties such as cleaning or organizing merchandise at Goodwill’s Retail Store locations. Volunteers can be schedule for anytime between 9:00am - 8:00pm, Monday - Saturday or 12:00pm - 6:00pm, Sunday.

Contact: Taryn Balwinski at 423-629-2501 ext. 2920 or taryn.wilson@goodwillchatt.org.

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