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What Is Family Love Essay


Why love is important in life? Love is the most important thing in our lives. The love is that we missing in our self, and love is mix with many of feeling. There are two types of love are love of family and love for your sweetheart.

First of all, the love of your family is different from that you have for your sweetheart. The love for your family something you need it in your live, because they will protect you from everything in this live. The family is like human body everyone needs another, and everyone helps another. For example the family like a house that if you feel cold you go inside because you know you will feel warmly. Everyone knows what the meaning of family for him is. The love of family is kind of innate love you gained because love with them for many years.

Second, love for your sweetheart is that feeling like someone who owns all the world. This love is one of hard emotion that may be hard to explain it in some words. The love for sweetheart is kind of doesn't care about the rules or religion or culture. Some of men when you asked him about you qualities that you want in your future sweetheart? The answer will be beauty , but the beautiful is not including in love. Because this kind of love depend on confidence ,feeling, and loyalty. For example there are story talking about the loyalty , there are a man long time age loved girl and the girl loved him too, but he had to leave the city for different reasons . he went for his sweetheart and said you may marriage any man because I'm not sure if I will come back. After 30 years he came back for the city and he had sure she got marriage, but in the fact she didn't get marriage, and she was witting him to come back ,this is real meaning for the loyalty.

In conclusion, love is beautiful feeling that you make happy .everyone have his meaning and feeling for the love, because everyone own different feeling for his family or his sweetheart. The love is something that you can challenging the condition

for it.

(((*please help me because i have to correct it :(

The love is a feeling of completeness that comes from treating others as part of our self, and love is mix of many feelings.-----I made a big change here, because it did not really make sense.

There are two types of love, and they are love of family and love for your sweetheart.---I made a small change here.

For example there are stories about the loyalty of a man who loved a girl a long time ago, and the girl loved him too, but he had to leave the city for different reasons.

He went to his sweetheart and said, "You may marry any man, because I'm not sure if I will come back."

After 30 years he came back for the city and he felt certain that she must have been married, but in fact she had not ever been married.


Have you ever experienced true love? I have and this is why I believe in family. I believe that my true comfort is sitting at home with my family and just doing whatever. Weather its playing a board game, or just eating a family dinner. We can always find something to talk about and never once have we gotten through something without a laugh. My family will always be there for me and I will always do the same for them.

I believe that when times are tough, my family is true comfort. Even if the pain is as small as not finding the right hair style or as big as a death. I don’t need some silly food to heal my feelings, all I need is a little love from my family and suddenly everything seems just fine even when it isn’t. I believe in family because even if you give no love to them and get lots in return, they will still love you just the same. I don’t think I have EVER gone to one of my friends houses and said to myself, “you know, I am really jealous of their family; I wish we could be like that.” Most of the time I do the exact opposite because I never once have regretted that I was born to this family because I think that this is the best possible family I could ever ask for.

I believe that I am truly the most blessed child in the world to have such a providing, loving, caring, and compassionate family. I remember a few months ago when we were sitting in our garage trying to go through things to put in a yard sale, and we came across these books my twin sisters made in the 2nd grade. As my dad was reading them aloud for us all to hear, we were all in a circle around him bundled up in blankets sitting in lawn chairs, and I just remember thinking how wonderful I have it and how I would be crushed if I didn’t have my family. I also remember a few months ago my grandmother passed away and we didn’t morn in the sorrow, but instead we sat around a dinner table and told these miraculous stories about how she could never cook and what she was best at, complaining?. We sat there for hours just thinking about the good times we had with her. That’s just part of the many things that I truly love about my great family, they always know how to get a good laugh out of you or at least a chuckle. This showed me that even at the worst of times my family was always going to love and support me.

Lots of people think that they should have the perfect life, and I don’t want that even if I didn’t have to experience the bad things I have gone through if that means I wouldn’t have been able to have the good times that I had with my family then bring on the pain because my family and I will just overcome it. Ever one talks about, “living the life” and guess what, I believe that I am.

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