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Unit 12 It Technical Support Assignment

Through a combination of practical experience and written assignments, the BTEC Level 2 and 3 qualifications provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for a career in the Information Technology sector.

As with all BTECs, students complete a number of units which are listed below for each year group. For more information please visit the exam board pages.

Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Information and Creative Technology
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Year 10 UnitsAssessment Type
Unit 1: Online World (mandatory)Online Test
Unit 2: Technology Systems (mandatory)Online Test
Unit 10: Database DevelopmentAssignment
Year 11 UnitsAssessment Type
Unit 3: A Digital Portfolio (mandatory)Assignment
Unit 6: Creating Digital GraphicsAssignment
Unit 13: Website DevelopmentAssignment


Pearson BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Information Technology
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Year 12 UnitsAssessment Type
Unit 1: Information Technology Systems (mandatory)Exam
Unit 2: Creating Systems to Manage Information (mandatory)Controlled Assessment
Unit 3: Using Social Media in Business (mandatory)Assignment
Unit 4: Programming (mandatory)Assignment
Year 13 UnitsAssessment Type
Unit 9: IT Project Management (mandatory)Assignment
Unit 11: Cyber Security and Incident Management (mandatory)Controlled Assessment
Unit 6: Website DevelopmentAssignment
Unit 12: IT Technical Support and ManagementAssignment

Presentation on theme: "Unit 13 Unit 13 Assignment ( 1 of 2)."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit 13Unit 13Assignment ( 1 of 2)

2 Task 1ITSMAGIC have been so impressed with all your work that they’re considering giving you a promotion to lead technician. However before any decision can be made you need to prove to ITSMAGIC that you understand what impact the organisational polices outlined in Figure 1.2 could have on troubleshooting and repair. You are required to write a report that describes the potential impact the policies could have on the troubleshooting and repair process within ITSMAGIC. (P1)

3 Task 2To ensure that you are suitable for the lead technician role, you need to demonstrate the use of hardware and software tools to troubleshoot an IT fault. Evidence for this should be an observation record and annotated screen dumps. (P2)

4 Task 3You should have demonstrated good Health and Safety practices throughout your observations in task 3 & 5; however the IT Manager wants you to write a report that explains what health and safety considerations and practices should be considered when applying remedies to simple IT system problems. The observation records in task 3 & 5 will also be used as evidence for later tasks. (P4)

5 Task 4To achieve M1, you need to demonstrate effective communication with the user during the fault diagnosis. (M1)

6 Task 5To show your level of competence to the IT manager at ITSMAGIC, you need to fully justify the remedy (action) that you used to solve the following hardware and software faults. This justification could be added to the table in a later task. M2

7 Task 6Within the same report created for task 1 examine the potential impact of faults on an organisation. (D1)

8 use hardware and software tools to troubleshoot simple IT problems 2
explain the impact of organisational policies on the troubleshooting and repair process1ReportP2use hardware and software tools to troubleshoot simple IT problems2Observation Record, Annotated Print screensP4apply fault remedies safely to simple IT system problems3Observation Record, ReportM1communicate effectively with users during fault diagnosis activities4Observation RecordM2justify an appropriate remedy for a complex hardware and a complex software fault5TableD1examine the potential impact of faults on an organisation6

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