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Hcs 451 Week 4 Team Assignment Contract

ETH/321 - Week 5


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Signature Assignment: Employment Classification and Discrimination

Option #1 Word Count: 872 words!

Option #2 Word Count: 708 words!

Option #3 Word Count: 736 words!

Purpose of Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the elements of the different types of employment relationships and to analyze the ethics behind potentially discriminatory employment policies.
Assignment Steps
Scenario: An employee is hired by Dream Massage to be a massage therapist. She is hired as an independent contractor and, therefore, receives no tax withholding or employment benefits. Dream Massage requires the employee to work a set schedule, provides her clients and all her massage products, and exercises complete control over how she does her work. In addition, when the employee shows up to work the first day, she is informed by her employer she cannot wear her hijab as it violates the company's dress policy.
Create a 700- to 1,050-word report in which you examine the employment issues presented in the scenario, including the following:
    • Analyze whether the employee qualifies as an employee or independent contractor.
    • Discuss whether Dream Massage has potentially violated any employment

        discrimination laws.
    • Analyze the ethical considerations behind maintaining a rigid company dress policy.
Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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Week 5 Discussion Questions (Included)


Supporting Activity: Title VII Test

What is the Title VII test for religious discrimination? What is an Undue Burden?


Supporting Activity: Disparate Impact

What is Disparate Impact? Provide an Example.


Supporting Activity: BFOQ

What is a BFOQ?


Supporting Activity: "At Will" Employment

What is "At Will" Employment? Do you agree with the concept?


Supporting Activity: Disparate Intent

What is Disparate intent? Provide an example.


Supporting Activity: Employment at Will

What is employment at will? What are the exceptions to employment at will, and provide an example of each


Final Exam Study Guide - (3 Sets Included!)

  1. Which of the following statements is true of a grand jury?
  2. Alan and Miriam are engaged in a debate on the importance of intellectual property rights. While Alan holds the view that intellectual property protection safeguards the interests of businesses, Miriam thinks that it ultimately puts businesses at a disadvantage by hampering the dissemination of information. Which of the following arguments is most likely to be raised by Alan to strengthen his proposition?
  3. According to the __________, the acceptance of an offer results in a binding contract only if it exactly matches the terms of the offer.
  4. The __________ enacted in 1938 established minimum wage, overtime pay, and record-keeping requirements. ​
  5. The term __________ refers to the placing of an individual in immediate apprehension for his or her physical safety.
  6. The term __________ refers to any change in the ownership of a business organization that would alter its legal existence. ​
  7. Which of the following statements is true of the Securities and Exchange Commission? ​
  8. A system of equally applied law is a necessity for the foundation of a strong, productive economy because it: ​
  9. Which of the following scenarios illustrates a formalist approach to business decisions?
  10. A(n) __________ refers to the individual or business entity offering a security for sale to the public.​
  11. Windy and Ruby plan to present a paper on intellectual property rights. They decide that Windy will present the arguments in favor of intellectual property rights and that Ruby will argue how intellectual property rights could be detrimental to businesses and their customers. Which of the following is most likely to be Ruby’s argument?
  12. Which of the following statements is true of white-collar crimes? ​
  13. Which of the following scenarios illustrates a bilateral contract?
  14. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was created through the __________. ​
  15. Concerted efforts to lobby government officials, irrespective of their anticompetitive purposes, are given an exception from the Sherman Act under the __________. ​
  16. A __________ is the simplest and least expensive business institution to create.
  17. In a state court system, lawsuits filed by parties typically begin at the __________. ​
  18. According to the Commerce Clause, the power to regulate interstate commerce is vested with __________. ​
  19. A business decision maker’s decision is more likely to raise ethical concerns in a society where: ​
  20. How does law hold diverse people of different backgrounds into large, organized groups?
  21. Courts determine whether the language of an offer was clear enough to result in a contract by: ​
  22. Who among the following individuals commits a battery?
  23. Fuzo Inc., a manufacturer of leather bags, enters into a contract with a firm regarding the installation of a machine in Fuzo’s factory. Fuzo agrees to pay $1000 for the machine and another $200 as the installation charge. In this scenario, the terms of the sale will be covered under __________.
  24. The term __________ refers to the act of referring a matter to arbitration. ​
  25. __________ is a legal remedy to a breach of contract by which each party to the contract returns the consideration offered by the other. ​
  26. Which of the following statements is true of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) systems?
  27. The __________ is the constitutional provision that details the federal government’s power to regulate business activities. ​
  28. Which of the following legal remedies to a breach of contract allows the parties to the contract to agree to abide by the decision of a third party or parties? ​
  29. __________ refers to an agreement made between competitors in an industry to fix prices of their products. ​
  30. The petition for a writ of certiorari by the losing party of a litigation will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court: ​

Final Exam Study Guide - Set #2 (Includes Answers)

1. Civil enforcement powers regarding federal antitrust matters belong to _______.

2. Which of the following is true of tort law?

3. Fred takes Betty to dinner at a very expensive and exclusive restaurant. The menu does not mention prices. The server takes their order and both Betty and Fred enjoy the meal immensely. When the bill comes, Fred refuses to pay because the menu had no prices and because he and the server never engaged in language indicating and offer and acceptance. The server said, “Are you ready to order?” and when Fred said “Yes,” the server merely asked “What may I get you tonight?” Which of the following is true? 

4. Which of the following statements is true of the WARN Act?

5. _____________ jurisprudence supports the idea that law can and should change to meet new developments in society. 

6. Which of the following is true of the assumption of risks during delivery of goods? 

7. A 911 emergency response service needs operators who are bilingual in English and Spanish. A few applicants of Spanish origin are rejected due to poor English-speaking skills. They file a complaint on the grounds of discrimination based on nationality. Their complaint is squashed. Here, the defense of the federal government is on the grounds of _______.

8. Article 6 of the Treaty on European Union, called the Maastricht Treaty, states the EU is founded on:

9. Interpreting Congressional intent, which of the following is never a bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ)?

10. Ethical formalists maintain that:

11. The classification of crime is based on ________.

12. Which of the following issues of administrative agencies relates to the substantive outcome of agencies’ rule-making and adjudicating authority? 

13. Which of the following is true of the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques?

14. The crucial issue with the continuity factor of a business’s organizational form is _______.

15. The ___________ holds that contracts or conspiracies in restraint are illegal only if they constitute undue or unreasonable restraints of trade and that only unreasonable attempts to monopolize are covered by the Sherman Act. 

16. Interest-based negotiations are superior to position-based negotiations because:

17. The determination that a crime has been committed and that evidence is sufficient to warrant the accused standing trial is known as:

18. Which of the following is true under the regulations of interstate commerce?

19. Finishing the construction of a home two days after the contract called for completion (no injury occurs) most likely will be considered _______. 

20. Frequent, abusive, threatening phone calls by creditors are most likely to provoke the basis for a claim of _____________.

21. Which of the following is true of a violation of trade secrets’ rights?

22. Which of the following states that parties to a written contract may not introduce oral evidence to change written terms? 

23. In a(n) ___________, the shareholders are taxed only on income distributed.

24. ____________ is a court created rule that limits when courts can review administrative decisions

25. An employee at-will can be fired for which of the following?

26. The ideas and philosophies that explain the origin of law and its justification are called:

27. Federal law and business leaders alike favor ____________ as a means of governing private business ethics.

28. Which of the following is true in cases where only one party drafts the contracts that contain terms that appear vague and ambiguous to the other party? 

29. Myra offers to sell her home to Hanna for “about $100,000 plus closing costs.”  Hanna accepts Myra’s offer, but later a dispute arises concerning the precise dollar amount of the purchase price. How will a court resolve this dispute?  

30. Hillward Bakers has been using a blue HB logo with a baker’s hat on the HB since their inception ten years ago. Hobart Bakers, a newly opened bakery and confectionary chain, has used the same logo. Hillward has not registered its logo, but it chooses to sue Hobart anyway. Which of the following is true of this case? 




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Tools and decision  making presentation Team C HCS/451 4/21/2014 Darlene Cantu, 

Introduction  DEF Scenario  Organization of Choice : Hospital  How The Team Collaborated www.nbrii.com jrozenblit.ca

Decision making Process  document  Define the problem  Ensure that data information is accurate  Look for a alternatives (Identify & Evaluate)

Decision making Process  document  Monitor situation for needed improvements  Use of the five whys may be implemented at any decision making process stage  Who  What  Where  When

Decision making Process  document  cont.    Provide solution / answer to the problem  Probing consumers for feedback  Patient satisfaction surveys

How scenario may apply to a  hospital • Patient Satisfaction • Patient Quality • Efficiency

Information needed  Current time the intake process takes  Reason(s) for the slow intake process  Goals for improvement  Plans for implementing improvements

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