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Essay Writing On Pilot Is My Ambition In Life


We have several family friends who are working in the Indian Air Force. Most of them are pilots. So, ever since my childhood I have developed a keen interest in the Indian Air Force. I wish to be a pilot. I have heard that the life of the pilot is full of thrill, adventure and challenge. All these attracted one to join the Indian Air Force as the pilot. Whenever I hear the drone of an aircraft I look up to see it. Now I can ascertain the type of plane that is “moving” in the air.

Indian Air Force consists of different types of aircrafts for different purposes. Transport aircrafts now consist of AN-32 and IL-76 besides Auro 748. Fighter- interceptors are Mig 21, 21 M, 21 BIS, Mig 23, Mig 25, Mig 27 and Mig 29. Ajeet, Mirage 2000 etc. Bombers are Canberra and Jaguar. Indian Navy has some other types of aircraft. Besides, there are different types of Helicopters are in Air Force and Navy. Many types of aircrafts are manufactured in India by H.A.L.

I wish to be a pilot because I wish to lead an active life. As a pilot I can be active and face various types of challenges. An action and challenge free career is termed as “dull” life. I have no faith in such a life.

Defence services including Air Force, observe strict rules and discipline. It is another factor for which I wish to be a pilot. Pilot enjoys good salary and status besides opportunities to attain better ranks. All these are the charms that have fascinated me to be a pilot. As a pilot I can serve the nation.

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This essay on aim of becoming a pilot will reflect the born feeling in the mind of a child when he starts visualising own future. Dreaming and pursuing aim of life is a big subject for a student. Therefore this essay is an addition to many essay available on this site for aim of life. Give your comments below.

Wright brothers invented the Aeroplane and since then everyone has dreamed of flying. To fly high like the bird and reach the horizon. I first saw an Aeroplane flying when I was a young lad and then immediately I asked my mother everything about it.

My mother showed me the book of aviation history and I grew fascinated with it. Stories about Amelia Earhart inspired me and then I took the biggest decision of my life i.e. to become a pilot. I would speak to myself about how amazing it would be to fly that iron bird in the sky, to fly and reach the sky and to travel the world.

I wanted to become a pilot because it made me feel adventurous. Spending all my childhood listening to all the fascinating and fiction stories about owning a plane and traveling around the world, meeting new people, seeing different traditions and culture etc.

As I grew older, this aim also grew with me, it made me feel responsible and more determined towards my dream. I started reading more and more about the aviation history and how famous people made it big and became the most successful pilots. A new spark grew in me and among the various types of flight career, I wanted to become an Airshow stunt pilot because it was challenging. Making a show out of aerial acrobatics was something out of an ordinary thing.

But I was always skeptic about my dreams, I felt that this dream was larger than my life and my capability to do it was not enough but my ultimate inspiration was that bird who would fly above my head every day, mocking me to compete with him and so I did. My parents were my precious treasure of motivation because they made my feel that each and everyone has the capability to do anything and this particular optimistic perspective made me believe in myself and my dreams. If I have the capability to dream it, then definitely I will have the courage to pursue it.

So here I am, after 30 years. I can feel my dream (Of becoming a pilot) fresh even now because I am living my dream, it was not easy to pursue it, but somehow I made my aim my life and my ultimate goal. Believe in yourself, no matter what.

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